Closing of the KUNA XO project
Dear users, we would like to inform you that our team is completely discontinuing the operation and support of the KUNA XO project.
If you had a KUNA.io account with the same email as your KUNA XO account, then to access your XO assets, please log in to your KUNA.io account to check for the funds transferred.
If you don't have a KUNA.io account - please check your email to which you registered KUNA XO. There you will find an email with detailed instructions on how to get access.
The balances of all KUNA XO users have been or will be migrated to your newly created or existing own accounts on the KUNA.io crypto platform.
You can download the KUNA.io app or log in to the website:
For additional questions, you can always contact our support team